How can my business or organization become dementia friendly?

What is a dementia-friendly business or organization?

In an average week you may go shopping, go to the bank, attend an exercise class or interact with your building manager. For many of us, these activities require little thought or planning, but people with dementia can often find these activities challenging. Organizations and professionals who are well informed about dementia can reduce the stigma, embarrassment and frustration that people with dementia can feel when they are out in their communities.

People who work for a dementia-friendly business or organization know that:
  • Dementia is not just about losing your memory. It can affect abstract thinking, communicating and doing everyday activities.
  • There are signs to look for that might indicate that someone has dementia and there are strategies that can help you communicate as effectively as possible.
  • A person with dementia doesn’t necessarily “look a certain way.” In fact, in B.C. 10,000 people with dementia are under the age of 65.
  • It is possible to live well with dementia. Many people with dementia will continue to remain active in their communities for quite some time after they start to experience signs of dementia. Many people with dementia will continue to do their own banking, shopping or manage their own prescriptions, for example.
  • Recognizing that there is more to a person than their dementia is the most important part of being dementia friendly.

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Resources for professionals

The Alzheimer Society of B.C. has worked with expert committees to develop resources that are tailored to specific professional audiences. These resources use sector-specific examples to help people:

  • Understand and recognize the signs of dementia.
  • Learn how to communicate in an effective, respectful way.
  • Think about specific ways they can support a person with dementia in their work and how their workplace may become more dementia friendly.
  • Know what resources are available to them and their customers or clients.

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Last Updated: 11/29/2017