Virtual Memory Lane

The Alzheimer Society and the City of Cornwall are working together to complete changes to Memory Lane, a public space in Lamoureux Park that was created to raise funds and awareness of Alzheimer Disease.

The lane, originally built in 1998 as a fundraiser to support people with dementia, featured bricks that were purchased by residents and personally inscribed to commemorate a person, event or memory. Some of the individuals shared the stories behind the person, event or memory that was being commemorated, and they were transcribed into a booklet which is now housed at the Cornwall Community Museum.

Unfortunately, time and the elements have taken a toll on the bricks, and the Alzheimer Society no long has the funding needed to maintain them.

As a result, the Alzheimer Society and the City have come up with a plan to transform Memory Lane. The City’s Parks and Recreation Department will be creating a new perennial garden where the lane existed, planted with forget me not flowers and a plaque in memory of the support shown by the community. 

In addition, a virtual edition of the Memory Lane has been created online showing each of the bricks and the personal inscriptions on them. The virtual Memory Lane can be accessed through the following website:


“We wanted to ensure that we could honour the special messages carried by each brick and continue to show our appreciation for the community for the support provided back in 1998,” said Shelley Vaillancourt, Executive Director of the Alzheimer Society.

The Alzheimer Society has printed a number of bookmarks which will be available in its office and various City facilities. The bookmarks have the website for the virtual Memory Lane listed, making it easy for residents to share with family and friends.  

“Our community was supportive of the development of Memory Lane, and we wanted to ensure that we honoured that support by re-creating the site virtually,” added Mrs. Vaillancourt. “Thank you to all of the supporters for making a difference in the lives of people who live with dementia.”

Last Updated: 11/08/2017