Information, Support, and Services

Whether you are living with Alzheimer's disease, another form of dementia, or supporting someone who is, First Link® connects you to health services and information in your community, from the time of diagnosis throughout the progression of the disease.

First Link® is about helping you and your family make informed choices so you can live better with dementia at every stage of the disease.


When you give permission to your health care provider to share your information with our First Link® staff, we will contact you directly. You can also give us a call or make a self-referral by completing our



First Link® is about bringing together Alzheimer Society staff  and health professionals to make it easier for you to get the help and support you need.  

For more information about the First Link® education series or the program itself, contact us by calling (902)-370-3135 or by email at  

Last Updated: 02/12/2018