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The language of Alzheimer’s

Rodrigo claims that the person with Alzheimer's does not have a consistent language, but rather expresses a language that constantly changes. Here we present two short chronicles linked by a common language: the language of love and the language of life. As Rodrigo said so well: "you can dance without speaking, heart to heart"

« From the Inside Out »
Monotonous routine. I return by the same path, check for the umpteenth time if I have the key in my pocket, I search for my hat, let’s see if the laces of my shoes are tied tightly.
Fresh air, dreaming that I am near the sea, return to the house whistling like I do when I’m at the beach. Suddenly, I'm in "Alzheimer's" mode, deep within myself, where memory is a silent word.

« Patience »
I'm losing my memory, I’m losing patience too. Sometimes I cry under an umbrella. My wife says she has no patience, because I'm the one who has the most patience of us two. I look at her in bewilderment. We’ve lived together for 20 years against all odds, through the contradictions. Now, she has a husband with memory lapses but we still continue this tango we have become so familiar with even if one of us is out of step on occasion: a small step into the absence and two steps of patience, by dancing ...
Ultimately, we are two people who are dancing the tango known as patience. 

Rodrigo Gonzalez






Last Updated: 11/08/2017