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Celebrating 22 years

Coffee Break…having fun, raising funds with family, friends and fellow workers.  

Coffee Break is an excuse to get together with people you enjoy.  Coffee Break is a social with a purpose – to raise needed funds to support the over 2000 individuals in Oxford County living with dementia (and their family members and friends).  Coffee Break can fit in to anyone’s life.  It can be as simple as putting on a pot of coffee and inviting co-workers to make a donation or as involved as a dinner party or games night.  The beauty of Coffee Break is that you can make it what you want it to be, what you need it to be to fit in to your life.  Have fun, have a  Coffee Break and make a difference.

Together, we can “Make your Break count!”

This year, you can participate in Coffee Break right from your computer! It's easy - share a selfie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram of you raising your mug with the hashtag #RAISEAMUG. Find out more>

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