Why I Volunteer: Meet Lisa

Why I Volunteer

After I moved my Mother from Saint John N.B. in 2001 to live with us, it didn't take very long to notice some strange behaviours. Her forgetfulness, inability to express herself using the right words and her angry episodes caused me concern and I noticed an ad in the newspaper for the Alzheimer Society so I called for information and thus began a journey of discovery. The helpful staff, at different times, visited Mom in our home and my husband and I started to attend monthly support meetings. We had a volunteer companion too because it became evident that we should not leave Mom at home alone.

I've always had a passion for baking so volunteering to bake cookies for Coffee Breaks or the Walk For Memories and any other desserts for special occasions when needed, was considered fun and stress relief. 

I've been volunteering for 10 years now and would get involved more often if my work schedule allowed.

I cared for Mom for 7 1/2 years at home but it became too much for me and she has been in LTC since 2008. I never could have survived without the tremendous knowledge and support of all the ladies at The Alzheimer Society. It's a wonderful and much needed organization deserving of our support.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017