The Alzheimer Society of PEI's 6th Annual Alzheimer's Awareness Conference, is January 22-23, 2018.  

Every year, 25,000 Canadians are diagnosed with dementia. Presently, 2,537 Islanders are living this journey. 1 in 3 people will be affected or know someone affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. But dementia is more than just numbers. That’s why this January the Alzheimer Society of PEI is joining our colleagues across Canada to launch a national awareness campaign to challenge public perceptions of what it means to live with dementia. We want to convert judgment into compassion and assumptions into understanding so that people with dementia feel supported in our communities. 

As our main event, we will be hosting renowned dementia educator Teepa Snow for our 6th Annual Alzheimer Awareness Conference. Teepa Snow is a strong advocate for people living with dementia. She teaches that: "Life with dementia can be lived fully." To learn more about Teepa visit or view a teaser video here.

With Teepa's leadership, we are happy to offer three exciting educational opportunities as part of our Annual January Awareness Conference!

If your desired session becomes full we invite you to 
email, to be added to a waitlist. 

Health Education Session
Health care professionals and caregivers are invited to join Teepa for an enlightening education session on best practices in daily dementia care. Topics will include: understanding personality traits; optimizing mealtime; getting the person clean; and improving acute care. 

Monday, January 22, 2018, 8:30-4:00. 
Registration starts at 8:00
Murchison Centre, 17 St. Pius X Ave, Charlottetown, PE
Registration fee: $50.00

Optional lunch ticket: $5.00

Family Caregiver Night
Join Teepa for a FREE caregiver education session entitled Making Moments of Joy
Topics will include: monitoring one's emotional energy; and developing strategies for creating positive emotional connections.
Monday, January 22, 2018, 6:00-8:00.
Registration starts at 5:45
Location: St. Pius X Church,
106 St. Peters Road, Charlottetown, PE
Registration fee: FREE but online registration is required

Care Skills Awareness Training
Join Teepa for an advanced intensive care training exclusively for health care professionals with previous Teepa training. Topics will include: applying and adapting Positive Approach to Care techniques; and utilizing a holistic approach to care. 
NOTE: Basic knowledge of Hand-under-Hand and Positive Approach to Care will be an asset.
Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 8:30-4:00. 
Registration starts at 8:00
Stratford Town Hall, 234 Shakespeare Dr., Stratford, PE
Registration fee: $150.00

Optional lunch ticket: $5.00

Pre-registration is required to attend any or all of our sessions. To register, please click here . Seats will fill quickly, so register today!




Last Updated: 02/09/2018