World Alzheimer's Day


World Alzheimer Day Coffee Break


The Alzheimer Society of PEI needs your help as we kick off the 22nd annual Coffee Break on Thursday, September 21st, 2017.  We are calling on local individuals, organizations and businesses to sign up as Coffee Break host this fall.


            Coffee Break is simply a fundraiser for the Alzheimer Society.  Typically, a business or organization will serve coffee for employees or customers in return for a donation.  However if you don’t like coffee or cannot serve coffee to employees or customers you can do dress down days for donations, host a bake sale, or do a raffle or 50/50 draw.  


            In addition to raising funds that stay on PEI, Coffee Break is meant to increase awareness about this disease and other related dementias, as well as dispel stigmas attached to dementia.




Call or Email the Alzheimer Society of PEI to sign up today!






Make sure to stop by your local Coffee Shops during the month of September to make a contribution to the Coffee Break Campaign.


Last Updated: 02/09/2018