What the Government can do

Establish a comprehensive Ontario Dementia Plan that would include the development of strategies in primary health care, in health promotion and prevention of illness, in community development, in building community capacity and care partner engagement, in caregiver support and education, and investments in research.

An effective plan would begin by focusing on the following areas of critical need:

  1. Increase public awareness about dementia and promote brain health.
    • A health promotion campaign would reduce stigma and encourage Ontarians to take action to keep their brains healthy and get a diagnosis if symptoms appear.
  2. Support caregivers through self-directed respite options and caregiver education
    • The impact of dementia on families is immense. Caregivers need a model of respite care that gives them more control over who provides care and when.
  3. Improve care for persons in later stages of dementia living in the community, retirement homes or long-term care.
    • As dementia progresses people need more choice about where they will live and who will care for them. Providing more choice to people about housing options, increasing staff skills and setting quality targets are steps that need to be mandated and measured.

Find out how you can ensure the next government follows through on the creation of an Ontario Dementia Plan.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017