Entertainment Assistant

Position Title: Walk for Alzheimer’s Entertainment,
Program: Walk for Alzheimer’s
Department: Events/Fundraising
Supervisor's Title: Events Coordinator
Supervisor's Name: Josie Figliuzzi

Position Summary:

To assist the musicians in set up and support their work by running errands.


1. Meet the musicians as they arrive.

2. Show them the locations which they will use.

3. Run errands as needed.

4. Provide refreshments as needed.

5. Assist in packing up and cleaning up as appropriate at the end of the Event.

Position Specifications:

• Aware of the ways in which the volunteer can be of assistance to the musicians
• Enjoys music
• Willing to be of service
• Able to walk the length of the Walk Route several times to do errands
• Diplomatic
• Enjoys working with people
• Good communication skills


• The musicians felt that all of their needs were met in a timely manner
• Musicians felt that appropriate support had been given to them
• Musicians enjoyed working with the volunteer


• To the Events Coordinator- To fulfil the responsibilities of the Position Description in an acceptable and timely manner
• To the Musicians – was helpful to them


• Sense of achievement in having participated in a major Fundraising Event which enables the Society to provide programs and services to the community
• Participation in a fun-filled event

Time Commitment:

• 11 am- 2pm, on Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Last Updated: 11/08/2017