Position Title: Walk for Alzheimer’s Registration
Program: Walk for Alzheimer’s
Department: Events/Fundraising
Supervisor's Title: Events Coordinator and Administrative Assistant
Supervisor's Name: Josie Figliuzzi and Kristin Flood

Position Summary:

To ensure that each participant is appropriately registered.


Registering Individual Walkers:

1. Record or check Registration or Pre-Registration.

2. Ensure that all information is completed.

3. Ensure the waiver is signed.

4. Record pledges and indicate level of donations.

5. Check donations collected on-line.

6. Record any money yet to collect.

7. Distribute T-shirts as appropriate. Inform participant when Incentive Prizes will be

8. Give each registering participant any materials required for the Education Stops along the
Walk Route.

9. File the individual pledge forms and money submitted.

10. Calculate totals at the end of Registration.

11. Registering Team Walkers: Use Special Team Registration Sheet for Teams

  • Record/confirm contact information for the Team Captain and all Team Members on theappropriate Team Registration Form.
  • Ensure the waiver and each Registration Form is signed.
  • Record the individual amounts collected for each Team Member and amounts outstanding for each team member.
  • Copy pledge sheets for Team Members still collecting and give them back the originalsheet. We retain the copy until all pledges have been collected and submitted.
  • Distribute T- shirts as appropriate. Inform participants when Incentive Prizes will be distributed.
  • File pledge forms and pledge money submitted.
  • Calculate totals at the end of Registration.

Position Specifications:

• Attention to detail
• Accurate
• Able to work graciously and quickly under pressure
• Diplomatic
• Sense of humour
• Enjoys working with people
• Able to communicate clearly
• Task oriented individual


• Accuracy in checking forms, totalling pledges
• Able to clarify and correct any irregularities on the Registration Form
• Walkers feel confident in totals, questions clarified


• To the Administrative Assistant of the Society - To fulfil the responsibilities of the Position Description in an acceptable and timely manner
• To the Walker – To check the Registration Form and perform calculations accurately


• Sense of achievement in having participated in a major Fundraising Event which enables the Society to provide programs and services to the community
• Participation in a fun-filled morning
• Recognizing the accomplishments of individual Walkers

Time Commitment:

• 11 am- 2 pm on Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Last Updated: 11/08/2017