All About Me

Although each individual is unique, dementia has a profound effect on the language abilities of people living with the disease and therefore on the way they communicate.

As the disease progresses and communication becomes increasingly challenging, people with dementia can become unable to speak for themselves, express their interests and preferences, and communicate their unique values.

Like all individuals, people diagnosed with dementia are people first. They have an inherent dignity, value and personhood which remains with them throughout the whole course of the disease and should be respected at all times.

All about me picture in picture frame All about me is intended to provide health-care providers with information about the person with dementia as an individual. It is a simple and practical tool that provides a snapshot of the person with dementia, giving information about them as an individual, such as needs, preferences, likes, dislikes and interests. This will enhance the quality of care and support provided by community workers as they get to know the person or while she adjusts to a new home. Providing person-centred care to each person with dementia and treating them as a unique individual will help reduce distress for them and their caregivers and prevent responsive behaviours.

All about me is about the person at the time the document is completed and will need to be updated as necessary. This form can be completed by the person with dementia or their caregiver with help from the person with dementia where possible.

Feel free to order a hard copy or fill out and print the downloadable PDF from our website.

The downloadable version is a fillable form in Adobe Acrobat. Once the PDF is opened up, go to file and select “Save as” so that the version is saved on your computer. This will allow you to continue adding content and editing it. Using the cursor click on a section with lines and that will open up a text box that you can begin typing an answer.

If you are revising parts of your “All About Me” booklet, you can print the updated pages and replace them in your book. You may want to disassemble the booklet and three hole punch the pages and then keep than in a binder. This will make replacing pages easier.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017