Board of Directors


The Board member is legally and morally responsible for all activities of the Alzheimer Society of Cornwall and District. The Board makes all decisions with respect to governance, overall policy, service direction and budget.

Alzheimer Society of Cornwall and District wordmark and identifier.

Our Board of Directors

  • George Knezevic - President
  • Linda Geisel - Vice-President
  • Joanne Beda-Tansey - Secretary
  • Anita Roach - Treasurer
  • Peter Sorby - Director
  • Penelope Smith - Director
  • Denis Richer - Director
  • Josée Roy-Pilon - Director
  • Tammie Menard - Director

Responsibilities of Board Members

This position has the following components:

- Governance Commitment.

- Fiduciary and Legal Responsibilities.

- Assurance of ED performance.

- Liaise with the five-county communities to assist in improved dementia care.

Organizational Chart

To learn more about the Alzheimer Society's structure, please review the Organization Chart.

Organizational Chart

Become a Board Member

We are always looking to recruit new members to our team. If you are interested in applying, please contact our Executive Director Caroline Guimond at (613) 932-4914 ext. 204.