Community Support Services


Find and book community support services in Ontario's Champlain region.

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Services in Champlain at Caredove

Regional contacts

City of Cornwall

Carefor Community Health Services

Telephone: 613-932-3451

Glen-Stor-Dun-Lodge Outreach Services

Telephone: 613-933-3384


Dundas County

Morrisburg & District - Home Support - Meals on Wheels

Telephone: 613-543-4568

Williamsburg - Dundas County Hospice

Telephone: 613-535-2215

Williamsburg - J.W. MacIntosh Seniors' Support Services

Telephone: 613-535-2924

Winchester (Carefor) - Nor-Dun Seniors' Support Centre

Telephone: 613-774-6109


Glengarry County

Alexandria - Glengarry Interagency Group

Telephone: 613-525-4802

Alexandria (Carefor) - Glengarry Outreach Rendezvous Centre

Telephone: 613-525-4443

Lancaster (Carefor) - Glengarry Outreach Lan-Char Centre

Telephone: 613-347-1175

Maxville Manor Outreach Services

Telephone: 613-527-2170



Hawkesbury - Groupe Action pour l'enfant, la famille et la communauté

Telephone: 613-632-7837

Hawkesbury - Services communautaires, de Prescott-Russell

Telephone: 613-632-0939


Stormont County

Finch - North Stormont Seniors' Support Centre

Telephone: 613-984-2436

Ingleside - South Stormont Seniors' Support Centre

Telephone: 613-537-8644