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Whether you want to learn more about the programs and services we offer, or find dementia-related information specific to your needs, the Alzheimer Society of Elgin-St. Thomas has the education and resources to help you.

Do you live with dementia or know someone who does? You are not alone.

Referrals and first steps

The Alzheimer Society Elgin-St.Thomas aims to give care partners all of the information they need to make informed decisions. Find that information listed here on this page.

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Programs and services

The Alzheimer Society Southwest Partners has been supporting family care partners, persons living with dementia and professional care partners throughout Elgin, Oxford and Middlesex County by providing a range of services designed to meet the needs of our communities. Learn more about the services we offer.

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I'm living with dementia

Our mission is to support you. The Alzheimer Society can provide you with the information and resources to help you manage your diagnosis, assert your rights, live well with dementia, plan for your future and more.

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I'm caring for a person living with dementia

Understanding dementia and its progression is vital to ensure that both you and the person with dementia can live as well as possible. We have the resources to support you and your care of the person living with dementia.

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I'm a first responder

As a first responder, you may come into contact with someone living with dementia. It's important to be prepared with strategies on how to recognize, communicate with and respond to someone living with dementia.

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I'm a financial professional

As a financial advisor, you're likely to have clients affected by dementia – whether they have the disease themselves, or are caring for a person who does. Learn how you can offer assistance that's sensitive to their needs.

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Dementia resources

The Alzheimer Society provides many resources for people living with dementia, family members, caregivers, healthcare providers and more.

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