Meet Marilyn

Marilyn McCorrister

Marilyn McCorrister, volunteer with the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba

The need to keep busy was a main factor in my decision to seek a volunteer position. I retired from a government job about nine months before answering the ad for a volunteer role with the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba. I’d always led a busy life, and it didn’t occur to me that I’d get bored after I retired. But the winter of 2014 was a hard one – I was stuck inside with nothing to do, and I went stir crazy. So in April 2014, I became a volunteer at the Society.

It’s flexible and there’s a lot of variety in the work. When I walk through the front doors of the Alzheimer Society, I’m never exactly sure what the day will bring. On one day, I may be tasked with amalgamating workshop evaluations, and on another I may find myself creating brain challenging games for the Minds in Motion® program. I do things like update stats, fold receipts and count brochures. I put together packages for conferences, and I help to prepare for special events.

What I like best about volunteering at the Society is the friendliness of the staff, the fact that I’m helping others, and the sense of purpose it gives me. The position also gives me a chance to learn more about dementia; some of my family members have had it, as well as my mother-in-law.

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Last Updated: 11/08/2017