Self care

[From the Shared Experiences: Suggestions for those with Alzheimer's disease booklet and audiotape by the Alzheimer Society of Canada. To get a copy, contact your local Alzheimer Society.]

Living one day at a time, doing the things you enjoy, and that bring meaning and fulfillment to you are just some of the ways to live with the disease.

There is currently no way to stop the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Still, there are many things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Look after yourself.
  • Eat properly and exercise.
  • Ask your doctor what kinds of activities you can do to keep active.
  • Rest when you are tired.
  • Take medications as prescribed.
  • Stay connected to family members and friends.

Things that were important and meaningful for you throughout your life will always be important and meaningful.

  • If you enjoyed cooking, gardening, fishing or sports, continue making them a part of your everyday routine.
  • You can also take pleasure in living in the moment, appreciating the small joys of life, such as seeing flowers coming into bloom, watching birds at a feeder and pushing a child in a swing. Capture these moments and enjoy them.

Practical tips for daily living with Alzheimer's disease

We asked people living with Alzheimer's disease for some practical tips for daily living. Here are some of their suggestions:

  • "Do one thing at a time."
  • "Write things down."
  • "Follow routines."
  • "Stay away from large crowds."
  • "Avoid overstimulation."
  • "If you forget something, don't dwell on it."
  • "If you are having problems with one activity, try something else."
  • "Ask someone to help."
  • "Use a dispenser for pills."
  • "Set the timer when using the stove or oven."

There are things that you can do to improve the quality of your life. Watch the video I Have Alzheimer's Disease - What Can I Do to Help Myself and Improve my Day-to-Day Life?

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