Alberta Dementia Strategy and Action Plan

On December 21, 2017, we celebrated the release of Alberta’s Dementia Strategy and Action Plan (ADSAP).  The Plan is in two parts – the Strategy, containing four high level outcomes and three “enablers” for success, and the Actions attached to each outcome and enabler.

The Alzheimer Society of Alberta and Northwest Territories was a key participant in the development of the Strategy and Action Plan and is leading some of its actions.

Here is how we are supporting the ADSAP:

We are:

  • Expanding dementia support to rural and remote communities through tailored initiatives
  • Promoting ‘dementia-inclusive’ communities
  • Developing and piloting a dementia awareness program for Alberta employers
  • Advocating to reduce stigma and discrimination associated with a dementia diagnosis
  • Promoting education and raising awareness about dementia
  • Providing strategies to reduce the risk of dementia
  • Leading a brain health awareness campaign (on social media)

The Alberta Dementia Strategy and Action Plan: Progress Report provides details of specific initiatives, achievements and stories of impact.

Last Updated: 03/20/2019