Ambiguous loss

Family members of people with dementia often experience a continuous and profound sense of loss and subsequent grief as they live through the progression of the disease.

“Dementia creates ambiguous loss. The duality of your loved one’s being absent and present at the same time is confusing, and finding meaning (or making sense of your situation) becomes immensely challenging. Without meaning, it’s hard to cope”. (P. Boss, 2011)

Faced with a lack of practical and educational resources on ambiguous grief and loss among people with dementia, family members and the staff who support them, the Alzheimer Society developed evidence-based practical resources written from a person-centred perspective.


Téléchargez le PDF Ambiguous loss and grief: a resource for healthcare providers is a practical resource to help health-care providers identify, acknowledge and normalize the feelings of loss and grief experienced by family caregivers of a person with dementia— from diagnosis to end-of-life and after caregiving.

Téléchargez le PDF Ambiguous loss and grief in dementia: a resource for individuals and families is a practical resource to help people with dementia and their families understand how the feelings of loss and grief can affect them.

Téléchargez le PDF Dementia and staff grief is a resource for organizations and their personnel on better understanding the multiple losses experienced by staff caring for people with dementia.

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Last Updated: 09/24/2019