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Employees who are caregivers for someone with dementia

What should you do if you’re torn between responsibilities at work and the demands of supporting someone with dementia?

The following scenario offers some advice.

Lee’s parents are in their eighties and live two hours away. His father has dementia and his mother, who has her own health problems, is struggling to take care of him. Lee tries to help out whenever he can, but it’s not easy.

His company has just gone through major downsizing and his job responsibilities have expanded. He’s worried that if he asks for time off work, his boss may think twice about keeping him on as an employee.

He can’t afford to lose his job, considering his mortgage payments and his kids’ university tuition.

Support for Lee's parents

Lee’s experience of feeling pulled in many directions is common to a lot of caregivers. The Alzheimer Society can help him sort out what supports are available for his father. He can also access a number of caregiver resources on this website.


Last Updated: 11/08/2017