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Ideas about work accommodation

  • Try to understand what may be triggering Naresh’s abrupt behaviour with customers and co-workers. Explore ways of helping him cope with or avoid these triggers.
  • Assess not only how dementia is hampering his job performance, but also how it isn’t. Consider his remaining strengths, not just his deficits.
  • Learn more about dementia by using the resources on this website or contact us.
  • If Naresh’s co-workers know about his condition, provide myth-busting information to help them overcome their preconceptions about dementia. Address any concerns they have about how working alongside Naresh will impact them. Contact us for a presentation at work.
  • Encourage Naresh to contact us for information about First Link®, a program that connects people with dementia with a variety of information and support within their own communities.

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Last Updated: 11/08/2017