How can my local government become dementia friendly?


The Alzheimer Society of B.C. launched its new Dementia-Friendly Communities Local Government Toolkit  on September 21, 2015 at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Convention. This practical resource helps local government understand how to become more inclusive of people living with dementia. Its creation was informed by people with dementia, caregivers and an expert committee.

This Toolkit is part of the Society’s Dementia-Friendly Communities initiative that focuses on inclusion of people with dementia and stigma reduction in community. In a dementia-friendly community, people are informed, understanding that a person with dementia may need support at the post office, or using transport.

What is the Dementia-Friendly Communities Local Government Toolkit ?

The Toolkit includes background information on dementia and dementia-friendly communities, steps and practical tools to begin a Dementia-Friendly Action Plan and a dementia-friendly working group, as well as examples of how local governments can create communities that are inclusive, supportive and accessible for people with dementia.

The practical suggestions and checklists in the resource are compiled from evidence-based best practices and new approaches that show promise in communities across the world. It also includes examples from local contexts and responds to frequently-asked questions to inform dementia-friendly work in a way that acknowledges and builds upon the unique characteristics of various communities.

Resource for local government

Last Updated: 01/07/2016