Meaningful engagement of people with dementia

People living with dementia tell us, "Nothing about us, without us."

Meaningful engagement of people with dementia

They also tell us that their experience in working with organizations – regardless of where they live in Canada – is sometimes "uneven," meaning that they are not always included in ways they believe would be beneficial for the organization or that are satisfying for them.

People with dementia have a right to be involved in organizations that represent their interests. With this in mind, the Alzheimer Society has developed a Resource Guide for staff and leadership volunteers of all organizations in which people with dementia are involved.

This resource guide intends to:

  • Foster relationship building between staff and leadership volunteers and people with dementia.
  • Promote the value-added potential of including the “voices of those with dementia”.
  • Improve the experience of meaningful engagement for both the organization and the person with dementia.
  • Build capacity within organizations to collaboratively address the needs of persons with dementia.

The content in this Resource Guide supports the philosophy of person-centered engagement which recognizes that individuals have unique values, personal history and personality and that each person has an equal right to dignity, respect, and to participate fully in their environment.

Download: Meaningful Engagement of People with Dementia: A Resource Guide (PDF)

Last Updated: 03/14/2019