Celebrating volunteers at the Society’s 2017 Annual General Meeting

The Alzheimer Society of B.C. was honoured to recognize several exceptional volunteers at its Annual General meeting on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. The Society’s volunteers are part of a growing movement of people who understand and act on what it means to build a world that is accepting and supportive of people living with dementia. These volunteers are representative of the care and commitment to the shared mission and vision of the Alzheimer Society of B.C.

2017 Volunteer Award winners

The 2017 volunteer award winners. From left to right: Paul Blanchet, Kent Jacobsen, Marg Rodgers and Mike Tadey, accepting on behalf of his wife, Pauline Tadey. 

For a description of the Society’s volunteer award categories, please visit the Volunteer Awards page. This year’s volunteer awards were awarded as follows:

Award of Hope, inspired by Mike Crowe

The 2017 recipient of the Award of Hope is Kent Jacobsen. Kent is a member of the B.C. Leadership Group of People Living with Dementia and has been a volunteer with the Society since 2013. Kent’s passion for ensuring people living with dementia can participate in community life shines through as he regularly shares his experience with dementia in conversations and as a media spokesperson. His thoughts and experiences have informed many Society resources, especially those that explore what dementia-friendly communities can mean for municipalities, workplaces, financial institutions and community centres.


Award of Merit, inspired by Twigg White

The 2017 recipient of the Award of Merit is Paul Blanchet. Paul connected with the Society in 2013 when his wife Linda was diagnosed with young onset dementia. Determined to meet the challenges ahead with a positive focus, the Blanchets have connected with and supported other families going through similar experiences. As a key member of the B.C. Leadership Group of Caregivers, a group that supports the Society’s Dementia-Friendly Communities initiative, Paul has spoken with his family at the B.C. Legislature and at a Legislative Luncheon organized by the Society. He has been a strong advocate at the provincial and municipal level, as well as being a connection point for people in Kamloops who are starting their dementia journey.


Award of Community Service, inspired by Lola Turik

The 2017 recipient of the Award of Community Service is Pauline Tadey, a volunteer from Penticton. Pauline has been a volunteer with the Society since 2002, and has recently retired from her volunteering role. Pauline was active in several different roles throughout her time as a volunteer at the Society – she answered phones and provided information to families at the Penticton Resource Centre, in addition to organizing fundraising events such as the Ralph Robinson Memorial Golf Tournament, and serving for many years on the Walk Committee for the Investor’s Group Walk for Alzheimer’s. Not only is Pauline a source of encouragement and compassion to families in her community, her strong organizational abilities were instrumental in the success of events to raise awareness and funds for dementia care and research.

Pauline was unable to be present at the ceremony; however her husband Mike Tadey accepted the award on her behalf.


Award of Leadership, inspired by Clyde and Lanny Slade

The 2017 recipient of the Award of Leadership is Marg Rodgers. Marg connected with the Alzheimer Resource Centre in Kamloops in 2004. Marg signed on as one of the first Walk Chairs for what is now the Investor’s Group Walk for Alzheimer’s, and over the last 12 years built up one of the Society’s largest walks. Her model of volunteer leadership has inspired other Walk Chairs in communities across the province, and nationally. Marg was recognized for her generosity, dedication and inspirational volunteer leadership.


For more information about volunteering with the Society, please visit the Volunteer section of our website.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017