Join Alzheimer Society of B.C. staff in the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon and 5k!

The Alzheimer Society of B.C. is grateful to have the support of many committed fundraisers. These dedicated individuals provide help and hope to people affected by dementia by funding education programs and support services, and enabling research into the causes and cure. Some of these fundraisers are also our staff members! An intense competition has developed between three staff members who are fundraising as they prepare to run the 21.1k half-marathon in the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k, taking place Sunday, June 25. Read below to find out more about them, why they are running and how can you join them.

Bark Kong
Director, Finance & Administration

Number of previous half-marathons: Seven
Goal time: Under two hours.
Favourite training song: Promentory (the theme song of The Last of the Mohicans)
First meal post-run: Anything he can get his hands on!

Bark has been the Society’s Director of Finance & Administration for the past two years. He ensures that the Society’s provincial and regional offices are operating efficiently, and that donor dollars provide as much help and hope to people on the dementia journey as possible. This is the second consecutive year Bark has run and fundraised in the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k. Bark says “Although I have family members affected by dementia and I can see the impact of those around them, I’m not dedicating my race to them in particular. I am just doing what little I can with what I have, which is my ability to run, to give a tiny bit of help to a huge problem. Every little bit helps!” To show Bark your support, you can visit his fundraising page.

Theresa Frazao
Development Officer, Anything for Alzheimer’s

Number of previous half-marathons: 0
Goal time: Two hours, thirty minutes.
Favourite training song: Mozart’s House by Clean Bandit
First meal post-run: A great big veggie burger with cheese, pickles, fries and a tall cold glass of Kronenbourg Blanc!

Theresa is the Society’s Development Officer for our Anything for Alzheimer’s initiative. Theresa has been with the Society for two and a half years and is instrumental in supporting fundraisers who hold independent events and challenges. Theresa has previously participated in the 5k portion of the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k, and she’s excited to run her first half-marathon. Like many of the fundraisers Theresa works with daily, she has a personal connection to dementia. Theresa says, “I’m dedicating my run to my ‘Little Grandma’ because now I know why she forgot who I was when I was a teenager, and for my Grandpa Jack who doesn’t quite know who I am now either but will still play Go Fish with me and joke around like he always did.” To show Theresa your support, you can make a donation at her fundraising page.

Emily Pridham
Manager, Regional Services, Vancouver Island

Number of previous half-marathons: 0
Goal time: Two hours, fifteen minutes.
Favourite training song: Wonder Woman’s Wrath theme
Post-event meal: The biggest, cheesiest sandwich she can find. Preferably grilled and melty.

Emily is our manager of Regional Services on Vancouver Island. Through her work, she engages and educates people affected by dementia in order to help them live well with the disease. Though she is an avid cyclist, Emily has never run more than 10k. Inspired by Bark and Theresa, Emily only recently registered for the event, and has less than a month to get up to 21k! Emily is embracing the challenge to push her limits and will be thinking of the people she works with while she runs. She says, “I’m dedicating this run to everyone affected by dementia. I am inspired every day by their courage and grace as they live with the disease.” To show Emily your support, you can make a donation at her fundraising page.

Join Bark, Theresa and Emily in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge by registering online by the end of day Monday, June 19. As a charity supporter and fundraiser you can receive a discounted entry. To access this, please remember to choose the Alzheimer Society of B.C. as your charity and use our discount code. For the half-marathon, use code 17ASBC21K. For the 5K, use code 17ASBC5K. For more information on how you can become a Scotiabank Charity Challenge supporter, contact Vineeta at 604-742-4915.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017