New year, new challenge with Anything for Alzheimer's!

Did you make a new year’s resolution to improve your health and fitness this year? Or did you pledge to be more involved in supporting your favorite charities?  Do you want to do both? You can! Power your fitness into fundraisers with Anything for Alzheimer’s. Your valuable efforts will help provide help and hope to the estimated over 70,000 British Columbians currently living with dementia and those who care for them.

One person who is doing exactly this is Gary Haukeland, who is preparing to take on the toughest footrace on earth, the Marathon des Sables, which runs 250 km across the Sahara Desert. In addition to training for this challenge, Gary is committed to fundraising $25,000 for Society. He is doing this to honour the memory of his father and the loved one of a close friend, who both passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. To read more about Gary or to support his fundraising efforts click here.

Gary has not been our only Anything for Alzheimer’s fundraiser to embark on a challenge.  Last year, we had four fundraisers climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and former participant Pierre-Marc Jette set the Guinness World Record for most vertical feet skied in a year! But it’s not all conquering mountains and setting world records. You could sign up for a marathon or triathlon.  You could host a golf or bowling tournament, or a good old fashioned dance party! Or, you could simply challenge yourself: pledge to reach your personal best in a sport or fitness activity of your choosing. 

Whatever your goal may be, consider turning it into a fundraiser. Anything for Alzheimer’s makes it easy for you take your unique idea and make it a success. We can help support you in your fundraising goals in many ways. For more information or to register today, click here!

Last Updated: 11/20/2017