Volunteer week spotlight: Meet Oladele Atoyebi

April 26, 2017 – Oladele (“Dele”) Atoyebi volunteers as an Early Stage Support Group facilitator at the Society’s Vancouver Resource Centre. His compassion and care for the people he supports is evident.

A physician, Dele served as a public health clinician in Nigeria before coming to Canada. With a particular interest in social and rehabilitative medicine he studied the experiences of rural and urban seniors as they aged in their communities.


Volunteer Oladele Atoyebi with Manager of Regional Services Sara Wagner 

Dele moved his young family to Vancouver in 2016 to enroll in Simon Fraser University’s Gerontology program. He was adjusting to a new country and a new professional challenge – and he was determined to get even more involved. “I wanted to give back to my new community and integrate into my new home,” Dele says. His research at SFU is enriched by his experience as an Early Stage Support Group Facilitator. He runs a support group with about 10 members, and he is struck by the level of honesty and acceptance they show him and each other.

Dele’s volunteer contributions have another effect. “When I talk about volunteering at the Alzheimer Society of B.C. in class, people listen.” Amongst his fellow gerontology students, Dele has become an advocate who is raising awareness about what people in the early stage of dementia need from the medical professionals who work with them.

Dele is one of 160 Support Group Facilitators who run groups across B.C. 

Volunteers are vital to the energy and success of the Society. Dedicated individuals, in communities throughout B.C., volunteer in a wide variety of activities that expand and strengthen our ability to provide quality programs, support and services. To find out how you can get involved, visit our Volunteer page.

Last Updated: 03/03/2015