Applauding our First Link® Dementia Helpline volunteers this National Volunteer Week

During National Volunteer Week, we are showcasing stories shared by volunteers and Society staff about how volunteers have made a difference for people living with dementia.

Run by a dedicated team of volunteers and staff, the First Link® Dementia Helpline offers information and support to individuals, families, friends, caregivers and health professionals who want to know more about Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Staff and volunteers answer a caller’s concerns and connect them to appropriate Alzheimer Society programs and resources in their community. 

Suzanne Klassen, Provincial Coordinator for the Helpline, says, “Our volunteers have a passion for learning! They often arrive with experience and knowledge but take great pride in adding to their skills and understanding, whether it’s through formal training and shadowing, or informally through discussion with staff and clients. It’s a joy to support our volunteers in their growth and ability to assist people living with dementia, their caregivers, and the community.”

Suzanne adds, “I remember one particular call recently: I was struck by the calm sense of presence the volunteer offered, allowing the caller to talk about their challenges in their own time and way. The volunteer provided useful information and referrals, and connected the caller to a range of supports offered by the Society. You could tell the caller felt supported and relieved to find out about resources that they could access online and in person in their community.”

Every day during National Volunteer Week, we will share our volunteer’s favourite moments, experiences and memories. Keep visiting our website or follow us this week on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to read more and share your own experiences! #NVW2020 #CheersToVolunteers 

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Last Updated: 04/21/2020