Meet our Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer's White Rock, North Delta and Surrey Honouree: Gina McCulloch

When Gina McCulloch came home to find her mother, Anna Baldwin, flailing in her electric recliner after mistaking the chair remote for that of the unresponsive television in front of her, the reality of their situation was undeniable.

“She was in a fit because she couldn’t change the channel while her chair was going up and down and vibrating, shaking her in her seat,” Gina says. “It actually stood her upright and almost ejected her, then went flying back to recline – and that still didn’t register with her. We laughed and laughed about it. We were even able to laugh when we looked at the remote control later.”

Anna – almost 98 years old and now living in a care residence – struggled with her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease as the illness progressed and Gina faced her own challenges in accepting that she needed to reach out for help as a caregiver. “I felt I didn’t have time to access help from the Alzheimer Society. But you do. You need to make the time. You must get support as soon as you can because it will ease the process for you, as well as your family member.”

Five years into their journey, Gina connected with the Alzheimer Society of B.C. and found it essential – both for herself and for her mother. Gina attends a support group and attends every caregiver education session offered by the Society.

Gina and Anna shared laughs over the episode with the electric chair, but Anna’s loss of independence put serious stress on their relationship – a weight Gina no longer carries on her own.

Walk with Gina at the White Rock, North Delta & Surrey Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer's on Sunday, May 6. Together, we make memories matter.

Last Updated: 05/02/2018