Office Heroes


Vancouver: #300 – 828 West 8th Avenue

Office Heroes are part of the backbone of our organization.  Office Heroes help us get information and resources out to the community, personally thank our donors and supporters, and make sure that our files and databases are up-to-date. This work expands our reach and maintains a high quality of service to the over 70,000 British Columbians affected by dementia.


Office Hero Assignments include:

  • Mail-outs of information and resources
  • Collating resource materials for education workshops
  • Organizing fundraising kits for events
  • Thanking donors with handwritten notes and envelopes
  • Ensuring our databases have correct and up-to-date contact information for our many supporters, clients and volunteers

How does the Office Heroes Team work?

  1. Please fill out our online application form
  2. We’ll orient you to the Office Hero Team and include you in our email list.
  3. We'll e-mail you when we have a mail-out, a donor recognition campaign, a data entry push, or any of a range of office-related volunteer opportunities.
  4. If our call for help fits into your schedule, sign up to volunteer!
  5. Volunteer as much as you want, when you want, doing what you want.


  • Working in a group with other volunteers and staff to get work done
  • Experience in a range of office and fundraising tasks
  • Inclusion in the volunteer recognition program


  • Regular access to e-mail
  • Previous office experience an asset
  • Vary by assignment, but include
    • Clear, neat handwriting
    • Pleasant phone manner
    • Attention to detail

Work Location: Provincial Office, #300 – 828 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C.

To apply:
Please fill out our online application form or email [email protected]

Last Updated: 09/27/2018