Care in a long-term care home or hospital

If the person lives in a long-term care home or is in the hospital, keep current with the staff about the person’s changing condition, care and treatment. Ask to have regular care planning meetings with staff to discuss how best to meet the person’s needs at the later stages of this disease.

Work with staff to provide person-centred care

Person-centred care involves a relationship between staff, the person with dementia and the family to provide care that is shaped by the person’s unique interests, likes and dislikes. Both person-centred care and end-of-life care have a common goal of improving the quality of living and dying for the person with dementia.

Communicating appropriate information about the person’s history, previous occupation and daily routines can greatly help staff in providing more person-centred care. The Alzheimer Society’s All about me booklet may be useful in recording this information.

Visit our page on person-centred care to learn more.

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