Government benefits after death

When your parent, spouse or common-law partner dies, you may be eligible for certain government benefits:

  • Allowance for the Survivor provides a monthly non-taxable benefit to widowed spouses with a low income who are not yet eligible for the Old Age Security pension.
  • Death benefit provides a one-time payment to (or on behalf of) the estate of a deceased Canada Pension Plan contributor.
  • Survivor’s pension offers a monthly pension paid to the spouse or common-law partner of a deceased Canada Pension Plan contributor.
  • Children’s benefit provides a monthly benefit for dependent children (under age 18, or between 18 and 25 and attending school) of a deceased Canada Pension Plan contributor.
  • The Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada – Decedent Estates Program manages the estate of a deceased First Nation individual who lived on a reserve before their death.
  • International benefits provide survivor benefits to eligible individuals who have lived or worked in another country.

For more information about government benefits after a death please see Service Canada – Benefits After A Death.

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