By Us For Us Guides

The By Us For Us© series of guides are created by and for people living with dementia. The guides are designed to give people living with dementia the necessary tools to enhance their well-being and manage daily challenges.

Click the links below to read the guides, or contact the University of Waterloo by the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program website to order hard copies.

Memory Workout

This guide provides examples of cognitive exercises. It encourages people living with dementia to develop and maintain regular "workouts" for the brain so they can continue to engage in enjoyable activities.

memory work out

Managing Triggers

Triggers are those things that cause us to become agitated and experience increased stress. This guide outlines the main triggers experienced by people living with dementia, and offers solutions for how to manage these triggers.

managing triggers

Enhancing Communication

This guide outlines the main communication challenges experienced by people living with dementia, such as communicating with family, friends and health-care professionals. The guide emphasizes the importance of using a wide range of communication strategies in order to make opinions, feelings and experiences known.

enhancing communication

Enhancing Wellness

This guide focuses on how enhancing physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual well-being can help you live well with dementia. It also provides helpful tips for eating well, taking care of your body, being physically active, staying centred and connected with others and living in peace.

enhancing wellness

Tips & Strategies

This helpful resource contains ideas and suggestions for daily living with dementia. The guide provides additional memory "workout" ideas, tips for those in the workforce, and general tips and strategies for daily living.

tips and strategies

Living and Celebrating Life Through Leisure

This guide shares some thoughts on living and celebrating life through leisure. Meaningful leisure can include a wide range of activities from enjoying coffee on your deck in the morning to social engagement in a more structured and challenging venue.

living and celebrating life through leisure

Last Updated: 03/19/2020