NOTICE -  January 7, 2019: The tele-workshop "Activities to do with a person with dementia," originally scheduled for January 10, has been postponed. A revised 2019 tele-workshop schedule will be posted shortly. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


Learn from home — participate in the Alzheimer Society of B.C.’s free one-hour tele-workshops.

It’s easy to participate. You can just listen on the phone or you can watch a live presentation on your computer, with sound provided by your computer (allowing for worldwide free access!) or by your phone. You also have the option of downloading handouts after the session.

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Participation is easy!

A few minutes before the start of each session, simply dial the phone number and link to the website using the following instructions:

Phone: 1-866-994-7745
Enter participant pass code: 1122333

Web access (optional)
Visit the Tele-workshop web login page.
Enter as a Guest. 

Upcoming tele-workshops

Schedule for 2019 tele-workshops coming soon. 

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Past tele-workshop recordings

Recordings of past tele-workshops (shortened versions) are available to view online. Click the name of the tele-workshop below to view the recording and download corresponding handouts:


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