First Link® formal referrals

Making a First Link® formal referral


If you are a health-care provider, please see the First Link Information Sheet for Health Care Providers and then download the referral form. Please note: you can download the PDF form, fill in information directly on the form, print and then fax it in.

About First Link® formal referrals

First Link® formal referrals help physicians and other health-care providers connect individuals and their care partners to Alzheimer Society of B.C. services and support.


  • A First Link formal referral gets you connected for support throughout your journey.
  • Once a formal referral has been made, you don't have to contact the Alzheimer Society of B.C. — we reach out to you to provide information and support.
  • The more you know about Alzheimer's disease or another dementia, the better you may be able to cope with your situation.
  • You will be linked to community supports and services.

How do First Link® formal referrals work?


  • When those with a diagnosis are referred by a health-care provider, someone from the Alzheimer Society of B.C. will call. You can choose to have that contact made immediately after the referral or in approximately three to four weeks, to allow time to adjust to the diagnosis.
  • Ongoing follow-up contact ensures families easily receive information about the disease, help with planning for the future, tips for day-to-day living and support services when needed.
  • A First Link bulletin for your area is distributed every three months to keep everyone informed about upcoming education and support programs.
  • Individuals/families receive an information package, connection to Alzheimer Society education programs and support groups, and referrals to other community and health-care services. Please refer to our First Link brochure for families for more information.
  • Note: if you are a person with dementia, or you are caring for someone with dementia, please ask your health-care provider to complete a form below to make a formal referral to First Link® dementia support. You can also contact your local Resource Centre or call the First Link® Dementia Helpline at 1-800-936-6033.

Consult our First Link bulletins page for a copy of your local bulletin.


For more information see the Benefits of Disclosing the Diagnosis.

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Last Updated: 05/13/2019