Tyze online tool for caregivers

What is Tyze?

A Tyze Personal Network is a private online space created around a specific person. People use Tyze with their family and friends to send updates, share tasks, keep track of appointments, share documents and store information. It is completely secure and completely confidential – the only people who have access to the information you share on your network are those family and friends whom you specifically invite to join the network!

Already have a network set up? Click here to go the Alzheimer Tyze login page and access your personal, private and secure network.

How much does it cost?

Through the Alzheimer Society B.C., you can set up a Tyze Personal Network for free and have easy access to information that can help you on the dementia journey.

How can I start a network?

  • Connect with a staff person in your local resource centre and ask them to send you a personalized email invitation.
  • Send an email directly to [email protected] requesting a personalized email invitation. Please include your full name and the city or town in which you live.

Once you receive your personalized invitation, click the link in the invitation to get started building your confidential network.



What are people who use Tyze saying?

 “My friends and family understand my situation better and so can offer me better support.” 

“Now my Mom doesn’t feel like she has to tell everyone everything one at a time.” 

“It helped knowing my family were taken care of by members of their community, as I live a long way from them.”

“By keeping us connected, Tyze was useful in helping us figure out how to support our friends.”

Last Updated: 11/08/2017