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Spring 2015  Tiffany Pitre's 'My Journey with Nanny'
5 benefits of staying #BrainHealthy
Annual General Meeting
Winter 2014 Holiday Tips
Introducing Minds in Motion
Walk for Memories 2015 
Fall 2014 Upcoming Events - Save the Date
World Alzheimer's Month 2014
iPod Project in Durham Region
Winter 2014 
What is shadowing?
Carol Browne's story. 
Winter 2012 Music and Dementia
Advocacy tips for family care partners
Fall 2012
When Your Relative Says 'No' to In-Home Assistance 
Summer 2012
Using Montessori Methods to Treat People with Dementia
Coconut Oil and Alzheimer's Disease
Spring 2012
Dementia-Friendly Design Considerations
Talking About the End of Intimacy
Winter 2011
The Importance of Sleep
Taking Care of Yourself This Holiday Season
Bill's Corner 
Fall 2011
Arts and Creativity: Back doors to communication
Late-Life Remarriage and Dementia Caregiving 

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