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Why create this series?

This series hopes to help people move forward, overcoming their will-inertia and find satisfaction in finalizing a will.  Making a will can be very unpleasant.  As part of their due diligence, lawyers ask questions that can be complicated and sometimes not very complimentary to human behaviour.  Certainly lawyers have seen more than their share of bad behaviours and want to protect their clients’ intentions and ensure gifts are distributed as intended to their clients’ heirs.  Lawyers will ask the tricky questions that peel back layers of family relationships and asset ownership to discover hidden family members or deep rivalries than can pre-empt successful estate distribution.  Lawyers will ask us to consider our lifetime of good and not-so-good relationships and obligations, unleashing personal discomfort, sadness or even anger.  Yet, if we can gain a new perspective on estate planning we may be able to approach will-making with more insight and ultimately more satisfying outcomes.

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is the writer of the Ageonomics blog, where she explores how aging is associated with financial and health risks. 



Last Updated: 10/22/2019