From the eyes of a 10 year old


My grandmother has Alzheimer's.
If you are wondering what Alzheimer's is, it's when you start to forget things in your surroundings.
You could forget what birds, apples, grass and chairs are.
I remember the time my grandma forgot what dandelions were.
I also remember when she came to visit me and she saw my budgies and she forgot what they were called
and called them fellas. My birds and my grandma really like each other.

One time my grandma forgot where her apartment was, she forgot how to cook for herself. We
realized she had Alzheimer’s. She would phone us every night and ask us to come over and help.
Then one day she forgot how to use the phone. Since grandma couldn't take care of herself we
asked people in her apartment to help out with grandma every day. On weekends we took care of her.

Grandma couldn't stay in her apartment anymore because she would wander outside at night.
One cold winter night, grandma wandered outside to the parking lot wearing a t-shirt and shorts.
Someone found her and brought her inside. We now knew that grandma wasn't safe at home.

We found a new home for Grandma. We visit her as much as we could. The sad part about
grandma's type of Alzheimer's is that she forgot how to smile. The last time I saw her smile
was when I brought my kitten Turk to the home. Most of the people in the home
smiled at Turk too. Now grandma has forgotten how to talk and walk. She is in a wheelchair,
(at night she sleep walks).

The last time we visited, Grandma forgot who we were. She is in the last stages of Alzheimer's.
Soon she will forget how to eat, drink and breathe. She still understands some small things
like hugs and kisses. I love my grandma now, I will love her forever and I will miss her.
I hope they find a cure for Alzheimer’s, so nobody else gets this terrible disease.

© Emma Scott 2011

Last Updated: 11/08/2017