Where are you going, Dad?


Where are you going, what do you see?
In these mixed up thoughts, lean on me.

I see the confusion in your eyes everyday,
And wish I could help and know what to say.
To ease your fears, of what lies ahead
And take away all your feelings of dread.

The moments of clarity, spaced further apart
But sharing the few is so good for the heart.

He knows we're special, but names are gone.
It's not so important, but still we long.
For times we could talk and share our thoughts,
And he could take part and not seem so lost.

But then there's some music from long, long ago
And the toes are a-tapping, his face all aglow.

For some things affect us, both body and soul
And much may be broken, but odd things stay whole.
Dad's tune is bang-on, some words can be heard
I wonder "Where are you, what memories stirred?"

Friend's visits are scarce and when coming away
They claim it's difficult to know what to say.

And so many think that there's no point at all
For visits from them, he can't really recall.
But it only matters that people are near
For love and support and to show him he's dear.

So I'll stay by your side & show you our love
God knows where you're going- Heaven above.

Dedicated to our Dad, Bruce Radford, who passed away March 29, 2006 after battling Alzheimer Disease.

© Norma J. Edwards 2011

Last Updated: 11/08/2017