Culmination and bitterness



Cherry stones
of eternal love
Indigestible, indestructible
in memory of Thor
slingshot missiles
as thorns
in the hearts
loving loved ones
with Alzheimer's
Eternally rife
with slain memories
periodically re-surfacing
in the realm of imagery
Philosophies of Socrates
incongruously logical
unfathomably digestible
sanity in shielded vision
Does it all culminate?
Where does it all end
When and how?


Non recognition
in unseeing gaze
Balefully glaring
into empty space.
lost sensation of loving heart
Agony of unknowing
loss of memory
groping in intellectual blindness
seeking yet not seeking
not knowing for what she seeks
imprisoned in mindless depths
long passages into oblivion
doorway to lost passion
remains sealed
Is there a niche?
perhaps a minute opening

Do I hold the answer
to the riddle
of Alzheimers?
May I help her to remember?
Am I of any use at all?
© Jay Hershberg 2011

Last Updated: 11/08/2017