Dementia Education and Training for Health Care Professionals/Care Providers in Ontario

For health-care professionals who work with people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, here are some educational resources that may be helpful.


Helpful links and info sheet--Durham Region

This info sheet, offers a handy reference to information about best practice education opportunities.  



CDRAKE and Alzheimer Knowledge Exchange have combined to form brainXchange, a network of people dedicated to improving quality of life and supports for persons with brain-health needs related to dementia, mental health and neurological conditions related to aging. They focus on the national and provincial sharing of resources and knowledge through in-person and virtual exchange to support relationships among industry, researchers, clinicians, policy makers, people with lived experience, and care partners. 

Education Resources and Toolkits for Physicians and Health Professionals

The Champlain Dementia Network developed and gathered a variety of excellent resources including The Driving and Dementia Toolkit (2009) and e-module (2010). these resources are currently available through  

The Foundation for Medical Practice Education

The Foundation for Medical Practice Education (FMPE) is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to the development, production, and evaluation of educational programs for community-based family medicine and general practitioners.

International Psychogeriatric Association

Includes a section on Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD).

Ensuring quality of care

Without standards, it's hard to measure progress and success. That's the idea behind the Alzheimer Society of Ontario's Ensuring Quality Standards Project, a five-year initiative, funded by an Ontario Trillium grant.

Read Putting Our Best Foot Forward (PDF), a report that details how the project helped Ontario’s Alzheimer Societies improve quality by determining areas that needed most improvement and by developing useful resources. Contact [email protected], to get your questions answered or obtain a print copy.


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Last Updated: 11/13/2018