Sexual behaviour: examples


Example: Roger continually removes his pants at the breakfast table, exposing himself.


  • Tell him that his actions are inappropriate.
  • Restrain his arms.
  • Make him feel upset or embarrassed. 


  • Return him to his room quietly and check for physical triggers. (e.g. his pants may not be fitting correctly, a tag may be bothersome, the material may be irritating to his skin or he may be hot.)  
  • Consider his past history. Does he seem irritated or anxious?
  • Consider dressing him in zipperless pants or with suspenders.

Example: Bill masturbates every morning in the common area of the long-term care home, which is causing distress to his fellow residents.


  • Yell at him to stop.
  • Explain  this is inappropriate.
  • Restrain his arms.
  • Make him feel upset or embarrassed.


  • Quietly take him to his room, close the door and provide privacy.
  • Offer an activity that may redirect his attention by occupying his hands and mind (sorting screws from washers, folding washcloths etc.).
Example: James approaches female residents and attempts to grope them as they pass. Most now avoid being in the same room as him or walking down the hallway at the same time.


  • Explain   that   his actions   are  inappropriate. 
  • Become  angry.
  • Restrain  his  arms 
  • Make  him  feel  upset  or embarrassed.


  • If you are a co-resident, inform staff immediately of your concerns and notify them of each situation.
  • Whenever possible, keep your distance, avoid sharing the same space (e.g. hallway) and
  • Buddy-up when you must approach him (e.g. bedroom, dining room etc.). 
  • If you see him coming and cannot exit, talk to him (if he was a farmer, ask him what he farmed, where he grew up).

This [sexual] behaviour is natural, it can happen. Some people think it is bad

behaviour, but it’s not.

~Sharron Cooke, the voice of a resident

Last Updated: 11/08/2017