Message from the President

Our mission and philosophy is at the heart of the different actions the Quebec Federation of Alzheimer Societies has organised throughout the past year. This is even more challenging especially when we try to achieve consistency in an organisation that  has  so many members -  each living a unique reality, so much different from one another.


We are so proud to represent our members, who make up the 20 Alzheimer Societies of Quebec, and who willingly help and support people living with Alzheimer  and related disease. The Quebec Federation of Alzheimer Societies and the 20 regional Alzheimer Societies share a common goal and vision. It is crucial for the executive board that all our efforts are concerted in order to speak as a single voice and to maintain an efficient network throughout the province. It is not only essential to be able to rely on each one's expertise, but also to share our knowledge.


Our partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Canada has to be revised and modified to insure a strong national impact and to satisfy the economic needs of its members. Each province has to continue the development of its own activities. Several discussions and meetings were organised on this matter with the different Canadian partners to cover several issues, such as the governance, the funding model and the development of a research program bearing in mind that we will also have to respect the new federal legislation that rules revenue sharing in charities.

The reputation we have gained in the last few years is confirmed by the different requests we have received to participate in meetings and studies. Our expertise is largely recognized and highly respected.


However, we are facing a large increase in demands for the existing programs and services, therefore,  it is becoming urgent to have a collective debate on how to find new funding resources. As part of our mission, our commitment to research is essential, as well as all the services offered to people affected by Alzheimer  and a continuous will to protect people's rights. We will continue to work hard on these issues throughout the coming year.

Last year, members, volunteers, staff and partners helped us achieve and elaborate new ideas, activities and raise awareness among the public. Some employees who left the Federation also generously left their experience, whereas others have joined our team, bringing new talent and expertise. I thank you warmly for your support, your collaboration and for taking this journey with us .


Real Leahey 



Last Updated: 11/08/2017