Give a Gift to Yourself and Give Back to Fight Alzheimer’s

You may have heard about brain training and wondered whether it was effective, and if it was right for you. For those of you who are thinking about how to maintain your brain health, we have organized a special offer during Alzheimer's Awareness Month: you can get BrainHQ – the leading scientifically-backed brain training program – and the makers of BrainHQ will make a donation to Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies

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Why do we like BrainHQ?

It’s backed by solid science. More than 100 published scientific papers show a wide variety of benefits, from cognitive skills (like better memory and faster processing) to real-world abilities (like safer driving and a lower chance of depressive symptoms) to physical brain changes (like healthier white matter and more coordinated neurons). The program automatically adjusts to each person, so you are always training at the right level for you. BrainHQ is available in English and French, and can be used on almost any computer or mobile device.

During Alzheimer's Awareness Month, Posit Science (the developer of BrainHQ) and DynamicBrain (Posit Science’s partner in Canada) have teamed up to donate 30% of BrainHQ proceeds from people in the FQAS family to the FQAS. This additional funding will allow the FQAS to do even more of the essential advocacy, education, and caregiver support that is core to our mission.

To subscribe to BrainHQ, click the button below. Using this special page will guarantee that the FQAS receives a donation in your name from Posit Science and DynamicBrain.

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Thank you for all that you do, and for supporting the Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies!

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Last Updated: 11/08/2017