Coffee Break Hall of Fame

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Coffee Break has more than two decades of history and accomplishment. We have seen some incredible fundraising and would like to thank everyone who has ever taken part no matter how large or how small. Combined these events have raised more than $520,000 since 1996.

When organizations or individuals start topping huge totals it’s worth recognizing. These five groups have shown tremendous leadership in the community. Their efforts, and the efforts of all our Coffee Break hosts, have raised a staggering amount of money and made an immeasurable impact in breaking the social stigmas associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Coffee Break – Top 5 All Time Fundraisers

Giant Tiger (Owen Sound)                           $21, 520.66

Hannah Walker / John Joseph Place            $18, 572.84

Bulk Barn (Owen Sound)                             $15,031.38

Canadian Tire (Owen Sound)                       $13, 553.99

Harbor Front Condominiums                        $12, 322.10



Last Updated: 11/08/2017