The Goar Family's Story

Anne and Doug Goar first met when they were young (the Church's "little helpers" pre-school group young). They grew up went away to school in the big cities fell in love and moved back home to start a family. It's a story you've heard before. They taught in our schools and worked at our hospitals. These are the people who make up our community.

When they were both 63, Anne was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. They kept it a secret for as long as they could until one day they got a phone call that changed everything. Read their full story here about how they found the Minds in Motion program.

Minds in Motion made a difference for Anne and Doug. It provided a place where they could reveal themselves in a trusted environment. They exercised, they socialized and they made friends.

The program combines one hour of physical exercise with one hour of mentally stimulating activities all done in a group setting.

The Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce is fortunate to have grant funding that provides 24 weeks of Minds in Motion programming in four locations (Hanover, Markdale, Owen Sound, and Southampton). Donations are used to cover additional sessions and locations.

Anne is eager to attend. She is disappointed when each session ends. With your help the gaps between sessions can be reduced and more sessions can be offered.

Please click here to donate today. Your donation will be used to increase the number weeks that each location can offer Minds in Motion to better meet the needs of families in Bruce and Grey.

Last Updated: 12/17/2019