Related Initiatives

Age Friendly Communities

The work of age friendly and dementia friendly communities are inter-linked. The dementia friendly community model is a natural extension of the age friendly initiative. Those already engaged in age-friendly work can easily add to their efforts and enhance age friendly practices to ensure the unique needs of people with dementia are acknowledged. For more information about Age Friendly Communities, check out their website here.

The Blue Umbrella Program 

In 2014, Alzheimer Peterborough’s Client Advisory Group identified a need to educate local businesses in recognizing dementia. They developed the Blue Umbrella program using a model where people with dementia and care partners are leading the planning, implementation and delivery alongside Alzheimer Society staff. 

Blue Umbrella kick-started a dementia friendly community initiative for Ontario, making way for people with dementia and care partners to lead an education and awareness strategy. Now, the Alzheimer Society is expanding this training to all sectors. People with lived experience, community service providers and businesses are working alongside the Society to build a dementia friendly Ontario.  

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Last Updated: 01/09/2018