Educational Presentations:

The Alzheimer Society of Huron County will provide presentations at no cost to the sponsoring agency on the following topics:

  • Dementia 101
  • Making the Connection: Brain Change and Behaviour
  • Communication Strategies
  • Advanced Care Planning
  • Elementary School Program - 1 hour
  • Gentle Persuasive Approaches in Dementia Care GPA (Professional 7.5 hour Workshop)
  • U-FIRST! Dementia Care Program
  • Montessori for Dementia Programming ( Professional: 1 6-hour session plus 2 hours via OTN)
  • Alzheimer Information Series (4 session comprehensive education program 8 hours)
  • MedicAlert® Safely Home® – Alzheimer Wandering Registry
  • Brain Health – 8 steps to a Healthy Brain

To schedule an education session or training please contact the office (519-482-1482).

 First Link

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder First Link is for you. This direct referral program links the person with dementia and their family members/caregivers to coordinated learning, services and support from diagnosis and through the continuum of the disease. Contact the First Link Coordinator for further information.

Gentle Persuasive Approach

Gentle Persuasive Approach is an educational program for professional staff. This program promotes a person-centred, compassionate approach to care, enabling staff to respond respectfully, and with confidence and skill when providing care.

Resource Centre

Our  Society Resource Centre includes information about Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias through books, videos, and online resources. Resources are available for persons with Alzheimer’s disease, families, professionals, and children to borrow at no cost. Visit the Resource section of this site for more details.

Seminars, Workshops and Training

The Society hosts annual workshops featuring a variety of presenters and topics. These workshops facilitate the learning needs of family and health care professionals in both community and long term care settings and the general public. Contact us for upcoming events. 

In-Service Education

We can provide inservices on topics related to caring for clients living with dementia for Long Term Care Facilities, Retirement Homes, or other health care agencies. Training can be tailored to meet the needs of staff and/or volunteers.

Case Based Education

Case Based Education provides Long Term Care Facilities with an opportunity to assess and create non pharmacological interventions based on individual resident needs. These sessions are based on the “CLIENT CENTERED CARE” approach incorporating “GPA”“Gentle Persuasive Approaches in dementia Care, Montessori principals and use the P.I.E.C.E.S and the U- FIRST models to . The Society offers ongoing support to implement all of these interventions.

Grade 4 Program

This program is offered to students in Grade 4 in order to provide them with a basic knowledge of dementia and how to communicate and visit with a person who has Alzheimer’s disease.

To arrange one or more of the above or other presentations for your staff, clients and/or their family members simply contact the Alzheimer Society of Huron County (519-482-1482- or 1-800-561-5012).

Last Updated: 11/08/2017