Survey Results

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While we are still working through some of written responses to our survey questions, we’ve put together a Summary Report of Findings so you can see which priorities resonate most with our survey respondents.

  Some findings of interest include:

  • Priorities of ‘Strengthening the Dementia Workforce’ were ranked most favourably by service providers, suggesting that service providers, themselves, recognize the value in enhancing the skills and knowledge necessary to provide high quality care to people living with dementia
  • Investment in biomedical research toward finding a cure for dementia ranked below funding toward ‘quality of life research’ and ‘investment into accelerating findings of research into practice’, which may indicate that ensuring people living with dementia are afforded the best possible quality of life is of the most significant value to survey respondents
  • Potentially attributable to the great gains that have been made in the areas of public awareness and education, ‘education to overcome stigma’ was ranked relatively low in its respective category (Stigma, Brain Health & Early Diagnosis

Last Updated: 11/08/2017